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Saucer Premium Replacement Lenses for Oakley Dispatch 2 OO9150 S


Saucer Premium Replacement Lenses for Oakley Dispatch 2 OO9150 S


Product Description

Rejuvenate Your Sunglass With A Better Pair Of Lenses — Your Eyes Will Tell The Real Story!

Saucer was born in a moment of light, born for the warmth, and witnessed you who are born extraordinary.

For many years, Saucer has been bravely exploring and striving to pursue the spirit and to create a lens that fits your glasses in all directions.

This is a real thing. A satellite just flew out of the Earth with the rocket, and an anomaly was left in 16,000 kilometers of space.

After an emergency study, the experts decided to do their best to save the star.

As long as there is a glimmer of hope, never give up!

The final satellite was successfully fixed at a predetermined orbit above the equator, and the systems worked normally.

When you have the chance to jump on the rocket and save the world you need a saucer lenses to protect your eyes.


Saucer Lenses help you See More by enhancing color, contrast, and clarity, making colors more vivid and surroundings more defined.


Saucer Lenses help you Feel More by blocking out bad rays amp; bringing in good rays, effectively improve your mood and alertness.

Try Saucer — If You Never Try, You Will Never See...



The Saucer lenses are not created or sold by Oakley, the lenses are compatible with Oakley only. Any usage of Oakley trademarks is only to describe those products. Oakley Inc. is not associated with SaucerOptics and does not endorse, sponsor, support or associate with SaucerOptics products.

***Purchases don't include frame, frame is shown for reference only***

Saucer Premium Replacement Lenses for Oakley Dispatch 2 OO9150 S

September 19, 2021

Mini Fruit Tarts


After making six, yes six!, cream tarts in the span of three weeks I was pretty much over them.  At least for the time being.  Turns out making so many tarts meant I found myself with leftover pâte sucrée, pastry cream and fruit.   What to do? Make Mini Fruit Tarts!

One of the (many) lessons I have learned during this pandemic is to be more efficient with food, e.g., using up leftovers.  Pre-pandemic I was one of the last people to eat leftovers, mainly because I didn't like having the same thing over and over.  Nowadays I try to be creative and make something "new" out of them.

The mini fruit tarts offer just the right amount to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.  You'll need tart tins to make them, but in a pinch you could also use a standard muffin tin.  Just make sure to spray it with nonstick spray beforehand!

September 7, 2021

Whole, Shelled Dry Roasted Georgia Pecans Unsalted (2 Lbs.) -


Often times people will ask me where I get baking inspiration from and my usual answer, "anywhere and everywhere," probably sounds a bit disappointing, but it's true!  I can't pinpoint anything in particular that inspires me.  Sometimes it's tasting an amazing pastry and wanting to replicate it at home or a friend texting me to to say they've seen a particular dessert and asking if I could make it.  

In the case of the Cream Tart, it was seeing an Instagram post that was the inspiration.  If you're on social media I'm sure you've seen these cakes before, normally shaped into numbers or letters.   Apparently cream tarts have been popular since 2018, but to be honest I never really paid much attention to them.  After seeing that Instagram post I did some research and discovered that cream cakes weren't so difficult to make. 
When deconstructed, the tart was comprised of shortbread and some type of filling, then decorated with fresh fruit, meringues, macarons, flowers* and anything else your heart desired.   Once all the components were compiled the actual cake assembly was quite simple.  But you would never think that when you look at the finished visually stunning and very Instagram worthy!  [*Make sure the flowers you use are safe to put on food! For the "S" cake I mistakenly put a few sprigs on baby's breath but DO NOT DO THIS!  Baby's breath are toxic when consumed. They were immediately removed after taking the photo.]
I could easily see these cakes being the star dessert for a birthday, baby shower, bridal shower or any kind of party.  Since so many of my friends have birthdays in September (including my own!) they just might be getting a cream tart to celebrate.  

August 25, 2021

Lemon Posset and Lemon Cupcakes


For the Lemon Lovers Table that I recently created I included some citrus-infused treats.  At each place setting there was a decorated sugar cookie to welcome my guests.  Other desserts included the cutest  lemon petit-fours from Trader Joe's and homemade Lemon Posset and Lemon Cupcakes.

I had my first taste of lemon posset at ad hoc restaurant and I was immediately hooked on the creamy, tangy dessert.  It was so refreshing, especially after having ad hoc's famous buttermilk fried chicken!  Luckily I found a recipe from Cook's Illustrated that couldn't be simpler to make using only three ingredients: heavy cream, sugar and lemons.

For the lemon cupcakes I used a vanilla cake recipe from iClosam Women Hooded Winter Coats Parka Warm Faux Fur Sherpa Lin.  It was the winner of a recent taste test from The Kitchen.  While the cupcakes were really tasty, I actually prefer a cake that has a tighter crumb to it.  I frosted the cupcakes with Swiss meringue buttercream that was mixed with pre-made lemon curd. To pipe the buttercream swirls I used a large petal tip (Ateco #126).  I confess it was a decorating technique I pinched from Violet bakery in London. 

August 22, 2021

HBA Patio Rules Turquoise Metal Sign, Outdoor Living, Patio DÃÂ


I couldn't wait to put together this Lemon Lovers Table and I absolutely adore how it turned out.  It all began with the most fabulous citrus-themed linens (tablecloth, placemats and napkins) from Mrs. Alice, the tablescape brand.  If you've never heard of Mrs. Alice I urge you to check out their website because they sell so many gorgeous things.   I could easily blow my paycheck on their products!

Lemons always remind me of Capri, the small island off the Amalfi Coast in Italy that I visited a few years ago with friends.  We had the best time there!  Everywhere you turned in Capri there were lemons present, whether it was the actual fruit growing on trees, the scent perfuming the air or as an ingredient in the food.   I long to return there once the pandemic subsides.

The linens paired beautifully with Aerin x Williams-Sonoma tableware I already owned.  I found these darling woven straw fruit napkin rings on etsy.  To complete the table I made a few lemon treats such as decorated sugar cookies, cupcakes and lemon posset.  Talk about a citrus explosion, but I love it!

Tablecloth, Placemats, Napkins: Mrs. Alice
Woven Straw Fruit Napkin Rings: WidgetCo 1/4" Antique Brass Shelf Pins
Plates, Drinking Glass with Raffia collar: Aerin x Williams-Sonoma 
Wine Glass: Amazon
Bamboo Flatware: Pottery Barn